Idiot Sportswriters

I anticipate this will be the first of many posts in a new series called “Idiot Sportswriters.”  In this series, we’ll call out the lazy, irreproachable blowhards that consider themselves “experts” in their respective fields.

This week, it’s Tim Graham of, for his Pukelitzer-worthy piece entitled 15-1: Are Jets fans delusional?


Mr. Graham chastises Jets fans based on a highly-scientific SportsNation poll that asked them to predict -game by game- if they thought their team would win.

If you take a closer look at this poll, and at Graham’s blind reliance on such research, you’ll see that this non-news does not deserve one pixel of space on vaunted  Thankfully, Bent – one of the champions over at The Jets Blog (a must read for Jets fans) – has a great post debunking Graham.  Here’s an excerpt (but head over to for the whole shabang):

“Jets fans are not delusional.  That poll – as I understand it – took each game and asked fans if they thought the Jets would win. You only need a 51-49 majority for a game to be classed as a win. I bet if they interrogated how many of the games each fan thought [the team] would win, it would average out at 10-12 wins….”

What this poll really says is that at least half of Jets fans believe their team has a chance to win each week.  That confidence in itself is a huge development for this fanbase, but should not be misconstrued by the national media and regurgitated to imply that all Jets fans think the team will go 15-1.

It is amazing what professional journalists get away with these days.  Such is life in the idiocracy.


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