False Reality

Today, we’re talking about the epitome of idiocracy – reality TV.  Deep within the cesspool of mindless entertainment lays a veritable lobotomy that is inexplicably revered by millions: The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  The fact that this show is appealing to so many exemplifies how low our standards have become.

In fact, The Bachelor/Bachelorette exemplifies more than just bad taste; it is the flagship of mass hypocrisy.  Take a look at how many of these relationships actually last.

That’s right… ZERO.

Our “modern” culture has problems accepting same-sex unions, citing that we put the “sanctity and institution of marriage” at risk with such questionable ethics.  If the institution of marriage is a tightly-made bed, at risk of being ripped apart by the prospect of same-sex union, then The Bachelor/Bachelorette soiled those sheets when it debuted in 2002.  At what point did we decide that marriage, in all of its bliss, was better determined by false pretense, showmanship and shallow preoccupation instead of by two people who decide they love each other?

Next time you wonder if you’re truly a tolerant human being , ask yourself if you support garbage like The Bachelor/Bachelorette and think twice.


3 responses to “False Reality

  1. Da BacHELerrr iz da sHIZZZ

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