LeBron’s Impact on the Perception of NY Sports

ESPN is sweatin’ LeBron today, and the Cavs haven’t even lost their series with the Celtics yet.

These little town blues... Photo Credit: ESPN

Regardless of how this plays out, The LeBron Fiasco will put always-vocal anti-NYers in an Empire Hate of Mind.

If LeBron comes to New York (full disclosure – I’m a Knicks fan and have been counting down the days to July 1, 2010) then outsiders will cry foul about how detrimental the big-spending Knicks are to small market franchises like the Bucks (playoffs) and Magic (potential Finals favorites).

If he decides to stay, or leaves for a team like Chicago, outsiders can stick their collective tongue at NYC, given such proof that not all mega-stars desire the bright lights of Broadway, the A-number-1, Top of the Heap mentality or the massive check they’ll receive from becoming the #1 sports jersey sold in the history of this great city (and probably the world).

I wonder where they sold more of these "Cavs" throwbacks - Cleveland or NYC?


2 responses to “LeBron’s Impact on the Perception of NY Sports

  1. While small market fans, typically stricken with general malaise, could very well whine and cry foul on LeBron coming to New York, the NBA is bound by salary cap. No inherent advantage for teams based on size of the corresponding media market, hence 10+ years of MSG brass flailing in futility…

  2. case in point, Clancey, is that the Jazz (from Phoenix) get the Knicks’ 1st rounder this year, as the final piece of the deal that brought Marbury to the Knicks in 2004

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