The Farmville Horror

Virtual Farming.  Virtual…Farming.

That’s right – “farming” – on the internet.

Why is this triviality over 10,000 times more popular (literally) than Aldous Huxley’s groundbreaking exploration of the human psyche, The Doors of Perception?  In less than 300 years, we’ve gone from Beethoven to Britney Spears….  Huxley would be shocked at the sad state of our collective subconscious.

The worst part about Farmville is that people actually spend REAL money to play along.  Take, for instance, the kid who racked up $1,400 in credit card debt.  Am I missing something here?  Why would ANYONE spend REAL MONEY on VIRTUAL CURRENCY?!?

Farmville’s parent company, Zynga, is valued at $4 billion.  Good for them, because they’ve managed to make so much money at the expense of the idiocratic masses.  Bad for the rest of us, because over 80 million people are stupid enough to play along.

(Big thanks to for a lot of the research that sparked my rant.  Check them out at right, under “Tech/Social.”)


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