Information Overload

As I was flipping back and forth from the Cavs-Celtics game on ESPN last night, I came across the Fox Business Channel.  This is what I saw (click the image for full size):

Now, let’s take a look at what is happening here.  Besides the fact that the three folks on screen are probably the most random combination of all time, take a look at just HOW MANY pieces of information are being forced down our throats at once.

Three talking heads; one conversation topic below them (Voters’ Anti-Establishment Mood…); one current ticker topic (internet) plus the two upcoming topics; Akamai stock info; three market futures rankings below that.  Moving to the sidebar at right: “Fox HD Wing – Fox Business News –”; news headline re: Shell below that; NYSE/NASDAQ closing prices below that; and one day/one year highs and lows for previously mentioned Akamai at bottom right.

There are 17 different pieces of information.  On screen, at once.

What the hell am I supposed to look at?

Do people actually benefit from Fox Business squeezing this much info onto the screen at the same time?  Or do they just sit there in inundated bliss, enjoying the pretty colors and the squawking caricatures that argue with each on the talk-box?

Thanks to you, Fox Business, we’re one step closer to idiocracy:

Extra Credit: Take a stab at each talking head’s platform in the comments section.  I answered, from left to right:  Billy “The Kid” Eisenberg representing anarchist cowboy Jews across the country, confused moderator and Kim Kardashian.


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