Mascot Madness

Thanks to @TomClancey for the heads up on this post.

The mascots for the 2012 London Olympics were unveiled today, and this is what they look like:

Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Who in their right mind decided the Olympic Mascots should be two oversize balls-and-shaft?

This has inspired me to take a look at some of U.S. mascots that are as stupid as Wenlock and Mandeville (or at least could kick their asses).

First – the “Orange”:

I can see how ‘Cuse fans might dig this little dingleberry, but he inspires absolutely nothing in me.

Second, the West Virginia Mountaineer:

You think this guy actually bangs those chicks?  Not a fucking chance.

I don’t even think this guy is the actual mascot.  They probably just found him outside in the parking lot, rummaging through trash cans.

Seriously, I wish I could see the job listing for WV mascot.  “West Virginia University has an opening in its man with huge beard department.  Uniform will be provided.  Must be able to work Saturdays.”

Finally, Wichita State’s WuShock:

Now I had never heard of WuShock before, but I did a quick search for “Worst College Mascots” and he’s on every list.  WuShock looks like Bart Simpson on crack.

There are tons of bad mascots out there, and one day I’ll do a proper write up on the topic.


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