Idiocracy might be simply defined as a preoccupation with that which is shallow, coupled with a disregard for depth and meaning.

This is 2010, and we don’t have to look far for examples of the “shallow.”  From the mindless onslaught of movie remakes, to terrible music and autotune, we’ve all gravitated toward the mediocre – collectively trading in The Dark Side of the Moon for 10 seconds of “Teach Me How to Dougie” ringtone.   [Note: I’m feeling another post coming on about ringtones.  I just deleted a ton of copy and will save it for the proper time.]

Media outlets have suffered from this same disease, thoughtlessly marching toward a faux-celeb ridden medioc-alypse.

Today’s homepage kills me.  We’re greeted by a picture of the chick from Kate Plus 8 – some stupid broad who is famous for having a bunch of kids and getting divorced on reality TV- while the death of Marvin Isley goes buried in the linkage.

Fuck the sensationalist mainstream media, short attention spans and reality TV whores.  Take a moment to appreciate some good, classic soul:


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