Appetizers. For Cats.

Apparently, cats these days need to “wet their appetites” before digging into their main course of processed skip jack, Taco Bell ground beef and Slim Jim extract.

Can someone explain to me why cats need appetizers?  Aren’t they CATS?  Won’t they eat just about anything?

Further, who are these idiots that feed their cats appetizers?  Do they also set a little kittie table?  Provide a variety small and large forks?  Offer a vegetarian option if the cat is concerned with animal cruelty?

That’s right – a vegetarian option for an animal that is an OBLIGATE CARNIVORE.

Go fuck yourselves.

Where does it end?  Wake me up when Desserts for Cats debuts.  Is Daniel Boloud opening first restaurant for cats?  If this already exists, let me know and I will post vehemently, faster than you can say “the purrfect meal.”  (I went there.)

Thanks to you, Fancy Feast and, we’re all stupider.


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