What do you get when you mix a super-brand bent on sponsorship dollars from anywhere, and a marketing team tasked with forcing their square peg product into the round hole of their not-necessarily-target audience’s consciousness?

You get Wholly Guacamole Chip Clip night at Yankee Stadium.

(Click here for full NYY promo schedule.)

I fully understand how these partnerships are forged and implemented.  But when I see a stretch such as this, I can’t help but think idiocracy.

Wholly Guacamole Chip Clip night is a case example of over-marketing, and is a blunt microcosm of the Super Double McAwesome World in which we live.  Chip clips have nothing to do with baseball.  They don’t necessarily have to do with guacamole either, depending on your preferred dipping apparatus.  I get the magnetic schedule, cap night, bat night, etc.  But “Limited Edition Miniature Collectible Yankees Ford Fiesta Day?”  What gives?

BaseballDailyDigest.com has a great breakdown of promo games across the league.  According to BDD, 56% of games this year are promo days.  Want to enjoy a ballgame?  Prepare to be overwhelmed with with advertisements in every crack, crevice and cranny.  No more room for ads?  Let’s hand random shit out, with ads on them, that the people can take home.

Kudos to the one team that does not have promotional days – the Boston Red Sox.  As much as I am not a fan, it’s amazing they haven’t jumped on the promotional bandwagon after all these years.

If you do go to a ballgame this summer, let us know if it was a promo game.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to attend Planned Parenthood Morning After Pill day.  Or AdultFriendFinder.com Free Trial Night, sponsored by Jagermeister and loneliness.

Can we stamp NYY on these tablets?


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