Gall of Jericho

How can I sum up ABC’s latest quasi-game show “Downfall?”

Hosted by none other than 9-time Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, Downfall comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline, connects with the steel chair and hooks the leg for the 3-count.  Here is your winner, and NEW champion, The Idiocracy.

Take a look at the trailer, which explains it all:

The first tip-off is the narrator’s voice.  He’s got that raspy, quick-fire spat that implies “THIS UPCOMING SHIT WILL BE EXTREME, AND IF YOU’RE AWESOME YOU WILL STAY TUNED!”  He sounds like a mix between Guy Fieri and Macho Man Randy Savage, while holding in a bong hit.

Moving on, the game involves answering trivia questions.  On top of a skyscraper.  While prizes are dropped off the side of the building via conveyor belt.

And if PRIZES are not enough to get your blood pressure up, they’ll even drop FAMILY MEMBERS over the side.

Like grandma, here:

There is a reason why Jeopardy has been on for 56 years, and this shit will fizzle out in two seasons.

Since this trash premiered last night, the Idiocratic Threat Advisory Level has been raised to ORANGE.


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