Idiot of the Day

Here’s a multiple choice question to kick off your week.  You’re given millions of dollars based upon great expectations in your profession; you fail to live up to those expectations and are currently job hunting.  Should you:

A.  Work hard, schedule a few meetings and try to prove your worth to potential employers.

B.  Clean up the resume, but mostly play PS3 and eat Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

C.  Get busted for Purple Drank as part of an undercover narcotics investigation.

D.  Turkey Sandwich

If you guessed C, you’re JaMarcus Russell.

Credit ESPN; via AP Photo/Mobile (Ala.) County Sheriff's Office


2 responses to “Idiot of the Day

  1. D. tuRdkEy SamWitch!

  2. LMAO this is hilarious
    I think he is one of the biggest NFL busts ever and he just threw away his career. I made a post about it too i wanna hear your thoughts.

    Btw, i like your blog, good stuff

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