Proud Mary

On Thursday, July 15, we will collectively get stupider.

Why?  Because SyFy (which inexplicably changed its name from SciFi) will deliver the latest anathema in reality TV – “Mary Knows Best.”

Mary is an outspoken Italian-American mom from Long Island (SyFy is quick to make sure we’re aware of this) and she’s a psychic.  In fact, her entire family is psychic.  Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

“Madonna Mia.”  My thoughts exactly.

Remember when we talked about the incessant need to crown a Hulk Hogan for every possible category?  Mary is your pick for “Italian-American Psychic Mom.”  Doesn’t get much more specific than that.

I understand that reality TV is cheap and easy to make, and there is no shortage of idiocratic lemmings out there to fill these roles, but the rate at which they pump these shows out is just mind-numbing.  These networks literally throw spaghetti against the wall, hoping that something sticks.  And 95% of the time, we leave dinner knee deep in that spaghetti.  It doesn’t matter to the networks though – as long as they keep cranking shit out at high speed, something is bound to work!

This mentality is the root of the idiocracy.  As a society, we’ve traded in the home-cooked meal for the Big Mac; the full-length LP for the ringtone; the conversation for the text message; and intelligent story archetypes for “reality” voyeurism.

Gone is the desire for quality, trampled by the need to pump things out as fast as possible.  Slide on over and make room for quick-service mediocrity.


6 responses to “Proud Mary

  1. Who’s really the idiots? The people who create it, or those who consume it?

  2. Tom Clancey the author??

  3. Ill TEll u whO noes bestttttttt1! MEEEEEeeeee

  4. Whenever SyFy airs the commercial for Mary Knows Best and I hear Mary Occhino say, “Hello! I’m a psychic!” I want to reach through my TV screen and twist her head off!

    I really hope this show fails and gets canceled fast, but it will probably be a hit just like Ghost Hunters.

    Speaking of Ghost Hunters, how is it that most people go their whole lives without EVER seeing anything the least bit supernatural, but these guys can find something extraordinary every damn week?

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