Tin Roof, Rusted.

We’re back in the realm of spaghetti-on-the-wall juxtaposition, this time courtesy of the Discovery Health Channel.  A niche channel that generally features informative programming and has the potential to teach people has tapped sensationalism to attract eyeballs.  On July 20, they brought back I’m Pregnant And….  

What do we see in I’m Pregnant And…? Might it be the sob-stories of people who are worse off than we are?  Do we take solace in the plight of a homeless young woman suffering at the mercy of her cursed womb?  At least she doesn’t have to worry about painting the baby room blue or pink. 
Or perhaps this show is designed to make us feel bad; to sit in awe of these hard-luck women who have offered their stories to reality television in lieu of real help. 
Entertainment, whether designed to amuse, scare, shock or sadden, becomes idiocratic at the expense of regular people who believe 15 minutes of fame is the most important thing in life.


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