Uppers, Downers, Laughers, Screamers, MP3s…


Are you fucking kidding me? 

We’re all deep in the realm of cyber addiction.  We work, socialize and shop online.  But do the idiocratic lemmings REALLY think they can GET HIGH off the cyber world?   

I-Dosing.  Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to get high manually.
The most shocking thing about this “trend” is not that sounds can alter your brainwaves (audio security has already been adopted), or that kids are tapping into online resources to try and get high.  Kids will do anything to get high.  It’s that this story ran on CBS FUCKING NEWS. 
Shira Lazar – at what point did you think this was newsworthy?  Is this really a trend?  Or a feeble attempt at fear-mongering?  

Anyone who’s smoked a joint in their past would laugh this off as hype.  (And anyone who’s smoked a joint in the past 5 minutes would laugh anyway).


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