Do You Smell That? It’s Idiocracy.

Who thought this commercial could sell deodorant?

I would love to sit in on one of these planning meetings, just to hear how the creatives describe such a high level of randomness in English words.

Alas, this category of advertising (call it ‘deliberately bad’) has a point: to be so dumb (so, so dumb, for real) that it burns through our collective subconscious on a crash course for the water cooler.  The goal is to get remembered – a task that has become infinitely more difficult due to a general influx of competitive products and a soggy, commercially over-saturated public.  But at what cost?

Does Old Spice, a brand that has built such strong equity, risk more than necessary by stooping so low to “get remembered?”

At least “Old Spice Guy” (I’m on a horse) had “swagger” – a key perception point for Old Spice.  Ray Lewis comes across as a mix between Kali, Mola Ram and a twisted boss from Final Fantasy 37.

The takeaway?  Perhaps it is indicative of our own collective stupidity that advertisers, with increasing frequency, rely on the shock-treatment to cut through the fat of our memories, casting side relevant and practical information in the process.


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