NBC Takes a Subtle Swing at NFL Hypocrisy

It’s quite common for a network to play music when heading to commercial break during a sports broadcast.  NBC, for example, opts for popular music, while Fox prefers inspirational orchestration accompanied by a dancing robot.

Last night, however, NBC Sunday Night Football used its “we’ll be right back” music to take a subtle swing at NFL hypocrisy.  Given the league’s latest vendetta against ultra-violent, concussion-inducing, helmet-to-helmet hits, is there any doubt that NBC’s decision to play BRAIN STEW by Green Day is tasteless sarcasm?

It’s likely that the average viewer isn’t as good at “Name That Tune” as I am – but I digress.  This must have been a preconceived poke by some snarky producer, right?   Or was it an honest mistake?

On a related note, former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Mark Schlereth told us what he really thought about the NFL’s new mentality on SportsCenter, and it’s pure gold:


One response to “NBC Takes a Subtle Swing at NFL Hypocrisy

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