Idiots of the Day: Club Envy

North Florida dance troupe, or group of terrorists?  The FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force doesn’t give a fuck.

This just goes to show you the disconnect between NYC and the rest of America.  Who in their right mind would EVER think it’s kosher to ditch your car and go running through the Lincoln Tunnel, while dressed in full camouflage?

“I am from Florida. We don’t have tunnels,” explained Terrell James, 24, the choreographer for the group explained to New Jersey Journal. “Apparently we couldn’t do that.”

Could you imagine sitting there in traffic while these morons go running past your car in fatigues, like they just planted something in the tunnel?  You’re trapped in bumper to bumper traffic miles under the Hudson River and you’re about to be an extra in “Daylight.”  What do you do?  Do you go into straight Bear Grylls survivor mode, and find the nearest service exit?  Pray for Stallone to show up?  Or sit there in your car, hoping and praying that it’s just a dance group running late for BET’s 106th and Park?

This incident is a microcosm for exactly what is wrong with our world today.  People are too concerned with the prospect of becoming the Hulk Hogans of their respective categories – in this case team dancing – to realize the Idiocracy [and consequences] of their actions.

The real surprise in this story?  That they tried to get through the Lincoln Tunnel at 5:15pm.  Everyone knows that’s an exercise in futility.  [rim shot]


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