Bowl Me

We’re deep in the throes of NCAA Bowl Season, an annual attempt for brand sponsors to out-idiocrify each other by slapping their typically irrelevant brand name on to a collegiate football contest.

I understand the concept of “driving awareness” in marketing, but I fail to see a positive ROI in expensive brand associations like these (or stadiums, for that matter).

And oh yea, these circus games are technically the college football “post season.”

For the uninitiated, here are a few outlandish bowl names from 2010:

and of course my personal favorite:

Do any of these make sense?  How are these sponsors relevant to the game of football?  Does anyone care?

We here at the IP have come up with a few suggested bowl names for next year:

  • The Trojan Rubber Bowl
  • The Boar’s Head Turkey Bowl
  • The Wok 88 Chicken and Broccori Bowr
  • Orange County Correctional Facility “Extra Rec Time” Bowl
  • The Food TV Pretentious Bowl
  • The Noxema Awkward Bowl, presented by World of Warcraft
  • The Rabbi Irwin Zimmit Hebrew Day School Matzah Bowl
  • The Plan B Morning After Bowl, sponsored by Jagermeister
  • The Alabama Mud Bowl, brought to you by Bob’s Country Bunker
  • The “He Went to Jared” Terrible Mistake Bowl
  • The Valtrex “Memories for Life” Bowl (always featuring Rutgers)

Got any others?  Post them in the comments!

-Beef Supreme


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