Man v. Sensibility

Man v. Food is perhaps the most blatant form of idiocracy on TV today.

I admittedly have watched and enjoyed this show – to an extent.  Put travel and food together, and you’ve got yourself a pretty  marketable combo.  The catch?  It’s all done under this idiocratic guise:  How Much Can One Man Eat?

Think about that for a second.  It’s not enough to highlight the unique regional dishes and interesting people that make up Americana.  But while Adam Richman gorges on 7lb burritos, 13 inch kielbasas or the Old 96’er, people are literally starving in the world.

I don’t mean to get all Sarah McLachlan here, but could you imagine trying to explain the concept of this show to someone from Laos, Kenya or any other country with an impoverished population?  They’d probably consider it to be one of the most vulgar displays of irresponsibility that they’d ever seen.

Somebody let me know when they catch a “fight hunger” commercial during  a Man v. Food broadcast.

Grunge Harris covers TV for the Idiocratic Post.


One response to “Man v. Sensibility

  1. They know how irresponsible they are. They have disclaimer up before the show, stating something like “we know how f*$&ed up this is, but fridays and applebees gives us alot of money for the commercial spots.

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