Pajaro Libre!!!

Yea sure, Mexico is a normal place.

After members of the band La Excelencia in Guadalajara, Mexico refused to play more songs after closing time, irate members of the audience killed two members of the band and detonated a grenade inside the bar, Vida Divina, according to Mexican newspaper El Occidental.

According to El Occidental, four drunk men aggressively demanded the band play more after their set ended – and they did – for a while. After they stopped around 4 a.m. local time Monday morning, one of the men threw a grenade at the stage, and people ran out of the bar.   As they did, two of the band members were shot.

So.  Just another average night at Guadalajara’s hottest night spot, Vida Divina, right?  Sounds like everybody had a real blast at that show.  Oooohhhhhhhhh.

What can we make of this?  On one hand, the audience must have been loving it if they wanted La Excelencia to jam past 4am.  On the other hand, they threw a hand grenade at the stage.  What can you do?  This is showbiz, folks.  One minute they love you, next minute they’re peppering you with explosives.  Just ask former Sopranos star and current 1800 tequila pitchman Michael Imperioli.

And a note to all the musicians out there: when someone asks you to play Freebird in Mexico, you play fucking Freebird.

Beef Supreme is  Editor-in-Chief of the idiocratic Post.


3 responses to “Pajaro Libre!!!

  1. Any idea where I can read more about these attorneys?

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