Stevie Wonder…

This is the first-ever Idiocratic Post SPORTS EXTRA… where we take you so far inside the numbers, you can’t find your way out.

Who’s to blame for the Jets’ loss to Pittsburgh on Sunday?

Dare I say it was Stevie Johnson?

Forget about Sanchez, Rex or Brian Schottenheimer.  WHAT IF… Buffalo WR Stevie Johnson had caught that game-winning TD pass v. Pittsburgh on November 28?

Credit: Associated Press

If Johnson would have caught that 40-yard game winner in OT, the Steelers would’ve dropped to 8-4.  Add a loss to the Jets on December 19, and the Black and Yellow would have finished 11-5.  An 11-5 record and head-to-head loss v. the Jets would have earned them a #6 seed, slotting the Jets at #5 and the 12-4 Baltimore Ravens at #2 with a first-round bye.  Assuming Pittsburgh won a hypothetical Wild Card game and pulled out a win on the road at Baltimore, they would have visited the #5 seed Jets at the New Meadowlands in the AFC Championship Game.  And theoretically speaking, the Jets could have won that game.

So there.  Blame Stevie Johnson.


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