Justice Served

Typically reliable, the National Geographic Channel hit a new low with the debut of its latest reality series Wild Justice.

No, friends, that’s not Lt. Dangle.

Wild Justice follows the exciting world of Fish and Game wardens.

What goes on here?  Let me give you a quick synopsis:  Dangle look-alike busts two kids for fishing with a hooked lure in a no-hook zone.  Talk about edge-of-your-seat television.

But wait… they were also smoking pot!  That means they surely won’t amount to anything.

So let me get this straight.  These “wardens” get paid to sneak up on kids while they smoke pot and go fishing?  Are you KIDDING ME???  This is quite possibly the most non-violent, non-abrasive crime ever committed.  I don’t think, in the history of the universe, anyone has EVER been bothered by someone who was fishing and smoking pot, by themselves, in the woods.

Here is a quick list of things the “wardens” of Wild Justice could be doing instead of busting non-violent teenagers for relaxing:

1. Figure out why these dead fish are washing up on shore.

2. Figure out WTF is going on with these birds falling out of the sky.

3. Stop Sid Justice from smoking his herb.

4.  Dogs and cats, living together, MASS HYSTERIA!

Matter of fact, I think the world would be a better place if everyone took a little time to smoke pot and go fishing.

Beef Supreme is Editor-in-Chief of the Idiocratic Post.


One response to “Justice Served

  1. LOL!!! Soooooo true. Mmmmm @ Lt. Dangle (rotf)

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