Tattoo Much

One of the byproducts of a world saturated with media – from internationally known mega outlets, to unprecedentedly specific niche journals and 140-character personal newscasts – is that we’re often reading stories with little to no news value at all.

For instance, TechCrunch is reporting that rapper T-Pain just got a Facebook “Like” button tattoo.  Does anyone really give a shit?  TechCrunch is not a bullshit outlet – it’s very instrumental in the tech startup VC world.

Credit: TechCrunch

This news was sandwiched in my Google news feed between “Egyptian Unrest” and “VW Confirms it will Build Hyper-Efficient XL1.”  The news story equivalent of a red-carpet crasher.

One can easily make the case that access to news and citizen journalism have brought positives that far outweigh negatives like this.  Complaining about an over-abundance of “news” today’s world is kind of like bitching about a flight delay.  Not too long ago, both would have been considered the ultimate luxury.

But what does it do for our taste?  Our sense of “what is news?”  Are we now desensitized, forced to accept that a rapper’s new tattoo is something worth reporting?  Are we oblivious to idiocracy, like a kid who watches too many horror films or plays Grand Theft Auto, and thus unaffected real-life calamity?  Are we cold and dead inside?

Fuck it.  It’s Friday.  No sense in getting wrapped up in our world’s bleak outlook today.  Grab a Bud Ice and let’s watch some pro wrestling.


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