Language Barriers

Special thanks to Dominic Boach for sending this one in.

Today’s sure sign of an idiocratic apocalypse?

OXFORD, England — Here’s some news that might just make you LOL. The Oxford English Dictionary Thursday added popular buzz words OMG and LOL to its revised online edition.

The expressions were selected for publication in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online along with other popular terms IMHO (in my humble opinion), TMI (too much information) and BFF (best friends forever).

Read the full scoop here.

And thus, we continue our steady dilution of the English language.  Haven’t I heard this before?  Dear readers, need I remind you about Idiocracy’s uncanny prediction?

Narrator: Unaware of what year it was, Joe wandered the streets desperate for help. But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valleygirl, inner-city slang and various grunts. Joe was able to understand them, but when he spoke in an ordinary voice he sounded pompous and faggy to them.

At this rate, English will be completely devolved by 2050, not 2505.  And oh yea, Mike Judge looks like Nostra-fucking-damus right now.

Beef Supreme is Editor-in-Chief of the Idiocratic Post.


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