‘Tis the Season

Forget about groundhogs, the vernal equinox or Sophie B. Hawkins.  We’re less than 4 full days away from the official start of spring:  MLB opening day.

And as baseball kicks into high gear, us New Yorkers prepare to be annoyed by incessant, rambling Boston Red Sox fans who bitch and moan that the Yankees are trying to buy a championship with their astronomical payroll.

Even the little ones are a nightmare.

This year is a little different, however.  We all know about the Red Sox’ spending spree this offseason, in spite of it’s “scrappy” fan base.  Do we complain?  No.  In the uber-competitive AL East, it’s a fact of life.

But today, my interest was piqued by an article on the Worldwide Leader about Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter criticizing the Red Sox of the same crime most pin on the Yankees (god forbid): overspending.

I applaud Buck for stirring the sauce, but regardless of what he says in March, the Orioles will be irrelevant come June.

With the Yankees and Red Sox payrolls well into 9 digits, is there really an argument that one is worse than the other?  They both spend more in one year than you or I will ever make.

My real gripe is with ESPN’s headline:

“Terry Francona annoyed by comments”

THAT is the headline?  That Terry is annoyed?  Am I reading the fucking Onion, or ESPN?  What’s next?  Francona has Special K for breakfast; upset clubhouse manager bought skim milk?  Francona drops hot dog at barbecue, family irate?  Terry and Dustin’s hot night out?

Let’s look at how articles about payroll are typically word-smithed when the Yankees are involved:

Anyone else see the disconnect?

When asked for comment, Joe Girardi said “beep bop boop bop beep” and  rolled away.

Beef Supreme is Editor-in-Chief of the Idiocratic Post.


2 responses to “‘Tis the Season

  1. side note … kid is wearing a Kappa soccer jersey and the picture has been photo shopped to show the bo sox

  2. Terrific facts! I have been previously looking for something similar to this for quite a while now. Thank you!

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