Acapulc-Oh No!

Seems that unmitigated violence in Mexico has had a negative impact on spring break in Acapulco:

Eighteen bodies were found in a shallow grave in the municipality of Tunzingo, Guerrero, about an hour by car from Acapulco. The discovery, made in November, appeared to be a massacre by a drug cartel. Shootings, executions and even beheadings have happened in the city in recent weeks.

Fifteen headless bodies were found in January outside a mall not far from the tourist area. There were 1,010 violent deaths in Acapulco in 2010, up from 843 in 2009 and 724 in 2008, according to the Acapulco morgue. With more than 300 deaths this year, Acapulco is on pace to break last year’s record.

Sounds like paradise, right?

Not for nothin’, but it’s March 29.  That means there have been 300+ deaths in Acapulco in 88 days.  That means that approximately 4 people have been violently murdered in Acapulco every day so far this year.

You might as well vacation in Newark, NJ.

Immo git you, sucka

Listen, Acapuco has another issue that these kids need to worry about.  It’s  called Montezuma’s Revenge.  You’re literally boozing like there is no tomorrow, surrounded by thousands of 18-20 year old maniacs with the same intention: get as fucked up as possible because you’re in a different country and it’s legal.  You will, at some point, forget that it’s NOT OK to drink the water.  Next thing you know you’re pulling a Farley in the airplane bathroom, sweating bullets and hallucinating a conversation with Helen Hunt about Twister.

If you’re somehow attached to Acapulco tourism, don’t fret:

Hotels, tourism operators and related business have joined forces for a campaign to talk up the city. All over in Acapulco, especially in tourist areas, are posted signs that say “habla bien de Aca,” which means “speak well of Aca” (short for Acapulco). The signs have been posted in major thoroughfares as well as in shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs and attractions.

That’s the ticket.  Tired of headless bodies piling up in your front yard?  Launch a word of mouth campaign.  That will bring the U.S. college students back in droves.

I need to hire the guy who sold them on that program.

Grunge Harris is the Mexico Correspondent for the Idiocratic Post.  Contact him at



2 responses to “Acapulc-Oh No!

  1. In Newark, in 2007, the city recorded a total of 99 homicides for the year, representing a significant drop from the record of 161 murders set in 1981. Perhaps serious thrill seekers – looking for a place with a little more pop than Acapulco – should head to the north coast of Libya instead?

  2. some times its a pain in the ass to read what people wrote but this website is very user friendly ! .

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