And the Fluoride Runs its Course: Proof of America’s Ever-Closing Third Eye

We’d like to welcome Chuck Marlboro to the Idiocratic Post team.

Could invisible forces be conspiring to dumb down modern day society, or is it just MTV?

Throughout the years, the public has sought pleasure and enlightenment from the most talented and sophisticated entertainers and renown figures.  From classical figures like William Shakespeare, Mozart and Da Vinci, to modern masters like Mark Twain, Muhammad Ali and John Lennon – all of these people were [are] considered experts due to incomparable skill in their field.  Set in a time when the collective consciousness was most accessible, these figures raised the bar for evolution not only in their field of work, but in life as well, through moral display.

The new millennium has brought to light a vast array of unwanted overachievers, fostering international fame and disabling the standards in which we once used to build our popular culture. It seems generous and intelligent cultural icons have been cast aside and replaced with the boring, selfish, primitive, and suicide-inspiring celebrities we see on TV today.

Gone are the days of marching for peace.  Today, we sprint for stupidity.

The quest for cultural evolution has been temporarily derailed for a large portion of Americans who instead opt for a peephole view into the lives of society’s most unimportant.  In a time of suffering and devastation, mindless Americans pack the wallets of television producers., colleges spend tens of thousands of dollars to bring in “celeb-reality” speakers, and magazines and blogs smear them on the front page.

It's a Metaphor

Teen Mom.  Real Housewives of Gary, Indiana.  The Bachelor/ette.  16 and Pregnant.  It’s not a question of “if” these mind-numbing tendencies will impact our nation’s progress.  Rather, it’s a question of “how much so?”

Is this being purposefully endorsed by unseen foes with the hopes of suppressing our society’s creative thinking?

Or is life just getting too old?

Chuck Marlboro covers society and issues for the Idiocratic Post.


One response to “And the Fluoride Runs its Course: Proof of America’s Ever-Closing Third Eye

  1. Great first post (and pseudonym)! Unfortunately, I do not think we need the help of conspiring forces to dumb us down; we seem to do that quite well on our own. Although, there is a clear benefit to encouraging the progression: increased consumption with less thought.

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