Completely Ass-inine

It takes quite a bit to get this jaded, salty old cracker out of hibernation, but this did the trick.

You know how we often discuss the state of our Kuntry here at the Idiocratic Post?  How Amurrca is slowly devolving into a soft, flavorless, brain-dead stew?  How Mike Judge’s 2005 fictional yet uncannily on-point portrayal of life on the Planet Earf is becoming increasingly accurate as time goes on?

That accuracy is reflected in scenes like this… where the #1 movie in Amurrca is called “Ass”:

Well guess what, folks.  This is about as close as I’ve seen to Idiocracy coming LITERALLY true since the KFC Double Down:

Don’t get me wrong – she’s extremely hot.  But… really?

Listen… hot chicks in music videos are nothing new.  But at least back in the day, they had SOME sort of plot:

That’s just a great song.

Now, in just 15 years, we’ve devolved into just straight up ass shots.  No jet skis, no Mase in a helicopter, just straight soft-core porn.

The buzz that this video will surely accrue is undeniable proof that our collective standards have hit rock bottom; that talent is strictly optional moving forward; that image is the sole thing that makes people famous; that any chick with a fat ass and autotune can front as a “musician”; and that no one even cares enough to call bullshit.

Beef Supreme is a renaissance man who splits time between the scenic absurdity of upstate New York and the dark underbelly of Manhattan.

Holy Shit it's Beef Supreme!


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