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Storage Barrage

That’s right, folks.  Here’s your formal Idiocratic heads up about yet another show that follows normal people doing their jobs.  In this case, it’s buying and selling storage units:

MSNBC – On A&E’s “Storage Wars,” modern-day treasure hunters bid on abandoned storage units for a shot at finding hidden loot among the empty boxes and forgotten furniture that fill the lockers. It might not sound like glamorous work, but according the men who take on the task each week, sometimes it really pays off.

Must-See TV

For all of you young, aspiring entrepreneurs out there – forget about actually building a successful business and learn how to pitch your day-to-day to  a production company.  It doesn’t matter what you do.  You’ll realize more success by pimping yourself and your argumentative family out to the millions of mindless, glassy-eyed, content-parched lemmings.  Why run a successful pizzeria, when you can star in “Miami Slice?”  Want to be famous?  Don’t quit your day job… just find the right producer.

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