Sludge of Consciousness: Do YOU Know Who Paul McCartney Is?

At some point in the future, Twitter will be looked back upon as an important milestone in the development of mass communication and a precursor to whatever new medium had taken its place.  Think about how Prodigy and AOL paved the way for the online experience we have today.  My guess is we’ll have some sort of biotechnology medium that pulls our actual thoughts into a Twitter-esque channel.  Why type if you can just THINK?  (Don’t look at me like that — it’s actually not that far-fetched.)

I digress.  Because of microblogging, we have an instant gauge as to what’s happening, literally, right now, anywhere in the world.  It’s stream-of-consciousness stuff and it’s not transmitted through the filter of some news company.  Very valuable.

What’s scary, though, is that Twitter is often a SLUDGE of consciousness, showing us exactly how stupid the general population is.  And what’s apparent is that we’re in for an unholy clusterfuck of death when these morons take the reigns of society.  NOTHING is sacred.

During the Grammy’s last night, a plethora of tweets asked one inexcusably ridiculous question: Who is Paul McCartney?

Now, forgive me if I’m jumping to conclusions here, but I personally believe that if you DON’T know who Paul McCartney is; you DON’T EVEN TRY to look him up on the Internet when you’ve got a million years of information in the palm of your hands; and YOU CLAMOR INSTEAD for LIL B THE BASE GOD… you should be put down like a dog.  IMMEDIATELY.

I’ve noted in the past that your social media presence is a projection of your ideal self image. You don’t share videos because they are funny, but because they make YOU seem funny.  We can apply that same logic to someone who tweets “Who the fuck is Paul McCartney?” before looking him up.  It’s not that you just don’t know, it’s that you don’t WANT to know.  And you want OTHERS to know that you don’t want to know.  In fact, you’d prefer some Lil B the Base God.

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe this is the first time I’m really feeling like the old man on the porch, yelling at skateboarders and drinking PBR.  But I honestly believe that this is exactly what’s wrong with the world today.  These people are living, breathing proof that idiocracy is an inevitability, not just an idea.  It physically makes me sick to know we live in a world where people don’t care to know the difference between pop-bullshit artists and one of  the most influential musicians of all time.

Beef Supreme is Editor-in-Chief of the Idiocratic Post.


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