The idea for this blog was born after watching the Mike Judge film “Idiocracy,” which portrays a world 500 years from now where people have de-evolved to the point of complete dystopia.  An average guy from today winds up in this future, and happens to be the smartest man in the world.  To sum it up with a quote from the film:

Narrator : Unaware of what year it was, Joe wandered the streets desperate for help. But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valleygirl, inner-city slang and various grunts. Joe was able to understand them, but when he spoke in an ordinary voice he sounded pompous and faggy to them.”

While the plot is suspect at best, the details in Idiocracy are really what hit home.  For instance:

Narrator: The #1 movie in America was called “Ass.” And that’s all it was for 90 minutes. It won eight Oscars that year, including best screenplay.”

Ow! My Balls! Guy: Comin’ up next on The Violence Channel: An all-new “Ow, My Balls!””

Or my personal favorite, their depiction of the media:

Female Reporter : It started off boring and slow with Not Sure trying to bullshit everyone with a bunch of smart talk: ‘Blah blah blah. You gotta believe me!’ That part of the trial sucked! But then the Chief J. just went off. He said, ‘Man, whatever! The guy’s guilty as shit! We all know that.’ And he sentenced his ass to one night of rehabilitation.”

11points.com does a great job of summing up the little details that exemplify Idiocracy’s foresight.  In brief, Google is a porn site, the news media have been “Maxim-ized” and America is sponsored by Carl’s Jr.  How close are we to this already?

If you see something that makes you think, “wow, we really are careening toward idiocracy at high-speed,” email me at idiocraticpost@gmail.com.

-Beef Supreme


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  1. very nice writing of those artices

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